Director Biography – Joseph Fletcher, Eric Johnson (MOVING MEDITATION)

Joseph Fletcher is a filmmaker based in Oakland, CA. He aims to use documentary film to explore human’s relationship to nature and society, and has a special interest in examining the universal pursuit of play for individuals and communities across the world.

Eric Johnson is an entrepreneur and skateboarder. He has collaborated with top industry brands like Adidas, NHS, and Max Allure, and has build his own brands such as Kook and Ollie Trollie. Most recently, Eric co-founded SK8SPT, a mobile app designed to curate skating locations and grow the skateboard community globally.

Director Statement

Moving Meditation is at the same time heartbreaking and faith-restoring, in that it shows the systemic racial inequalities faced by so many people globally, while simultaneously showing the significant benefits of leisure activities like skateboarding. It is our hope that viewers come away from this film having a newfound respect for skateboarding, while also being encouraged to stand against police violence and racial injustice.

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