Short Film: ATTILA, 30min, USA, Documentary

Attila Domos is paraplegic athlete, musician, and unofficial world record holder.  In 1993, he had a falling accident and became a T11/T12 paraplegic, losing his ability to walk. He was determined to prevent his injury from redefining his life. He started taking steps to continue his dream of being an athlete at first through power lifting, and now through endurance hand cycling. In August of 2016, he broke the 24-hour Hand cycling World Record by riding 407.7 miles in 24 hours. However, it happened at his local track in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA, without any official representation. As a result, his record is unofficial. The next step in his journey was to make an official attempt at the 24-hour record. Our documentary outlines his attempt and desire to break this world record.

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