SPORTS Film Festival BEST SCENE Reading: Mutiny in the Dugout, by Rod Kent

The kids go on strike, pulling out picket signs to let their adults know they’ve finally crossed the line. It’s mutiny in the dugout.

Charlie, a pro baseball player who never quite made it, is lured home to visit his ailing father, Gordon. Gordon’s “dying” wish is for Charlie to take his beloved A-Team to the Little League World Series. Charlie is reluctant to go down this path, which would force him to revisit his past. With the help of his faithful sidekick Shoeless Joe, his brother Abe, a convincing local police officer, his high school girlfriend Teri, and a late-night session of helping the A-team toilet paper his dad’s house, Charlie finally agrees to coach the team.


Narrator: Elizabeth
Sara: Kyana Teresa
Charli: Steve Rizzo

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