Director BIO: Guillermo Alfonso (NEVER TOO LATE)

Guillermo Alfonso is a film maker from Miami with a unique style of storytelling. Usually niche and quirky, Alfonso likes to take the viewer on a journey normally inaccessible. From the Yamakoshi Mountains of Japan filming koi fish to the mean streets of Nigeria filming African religions, we always get a sense of understanding and appreciation of where these stories come from through Alfonso’s lens. He is able to keep you locked in with his beautiful imagery and take on cinema, yet take you on an emotional roller coaster with the topics and casts.

Director Statement

I have been filming my friend Uly Diaz for over 3 years. I was finally able to put the story together and I couldn’t be any more proud of how he told it. I hope this film inspires and motivates people and that we all realize that it’s never too late to really go after our passion in life.

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