Short Film: NEVER TOO LATE, 12min., Documentary

Never Too Late is short biopic about passion and determination. We find ourselves face to face in the ring with Ulysses “The Monster” Diaz as he tells his incredible story of pain and perseverance. Diaz is an accomplished boxer and a bare knuckle fighter most famously known for holding the world’s fastest knock out in sports combat history ( 3 seconds!) made official by Guiness World Records. From prison time to becoming head of security for his child hood best friend Pitbull, Diaz has had one hell of a ride so far that seems to have just started. We join him backstage as director Guillermo Alfonso documents all the intense moments leading up to Diaz’s first title fight at age 40 against legendary MMA fighter Thiago Alves. Trained by boxing Hall Of Famer Commander Zero and accompanied by his fiancé Ashley Sebera aka Dana Brook (WWE superstar Diva), we realize that Diaz has been preparing for this moment his whole life. After hearing his story you will know that no matter what your circumstances are, it’s NEVER TOO LATE.

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